2021 TBD | Basel

Key Industries: Global Supply Chains vs. Re-Nationalization

Do global supply chains weaken Swiss key industries? Do we need regionalization or even re-nationalization to ensure supply reliability? Discuss with experts from politics, business, administration and science!
Key Industries: Global Supply Chains vs. Re-Nationalization

Time and location

2021 TBD

About the event

Swiss key industries – towards globalisation, re-nationalisation, or regionalisation? We invite you to discuss with experts from politics, industry, public administration and science:


  • Are national key industries such as pharmaceutics, mechanical and electrical engineering, food, and ICT too dependent on international supply chains?
  • Would re-nationalisation be a viable alternative to make these industries more resilient?
  • What are other measures to increase the supply reliability of these critical sectors – especially in the event of crisis?
  • Is stronger regulation needed to protect Swiss key industries from foreign influence and to reduce international dependence?
  • How much is Switzerland willing to pay for additional autonomy?


The event details will be published here two months prior to the event.

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