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Public and Private Security Forces in a Modern State

In the last two years, police violence and the outsourcing of public security functions to private companies have been subject to a heated public debate. At the same time, security forces report to face ever more aggressive and violent attacks in the course of their duties.
Public and Private Security Forces in a Modern State

Time and location

2021 TBD
Place TBD

About the event

We invite you to discuss with representatives and experts from the police, private security companies, public administration, media and civil society:


  • How is public security defined in a modern, democratic state? What are the rights and obligations of the police force and private security forces?
  • How should prevention, intervention and repression be balanced? How is the population protected from power abuse by public security forces (police and other)?
  • How are the police and other security forces protected from misrepresentation and the increasing violence they face in the course of their duties?


The event details will be published here two months prior to the event.


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