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Mission Statement: Security through Dialogue

SWISS SECURITY FORUM is a politically and commercially independent platform aimed at promoting a dialogue between Swiss civil society, public authorities, business, politics and academia regarding current and future topics and challenges in the area of security.

Starting Point: Why SSF is needed

  • Security is one of the key issues of our time. The world is changing rapidly. Geostrategic, political, religious, economic and social changes have an impact on Switzerland.

  • Security is a significant strategic asset for a country and central to our prosperity.

  • Currently, the citizens of Switzerland are inadequately informed about security issues. However, well-informed citizens as well as political and economic leaders are crucial for a working democracy and a safe country.

Objectives and Tasks of the SSF

  • Our mission is to fill the existing void of information with active communication. Therefore, a fact-based and neutral dialogue is needed. This dialogue has to be conducted with all parts of society and not just supporters of security forces.

  • The goal is to foster knowledge and comprehension of security issues and new risks within civil society. Furthermore, we want to improve the cooperation between a wide range of security stakeholders.


  • To attain our objectives, the SSF will provide a broad basis of information and conduct a in-depth security dialogue through decentralized events (in cooperation with existing organizations), the use of classical and modern means of communication, as well as projects and activities to specific topics. 

SSF Security Talks

  • Organization of 3 - 5 events per year on different security topics, in cooperation with partners. See more about our upcoming events on "SSF Security Talks".


  • Regular information about upcoming events as well as topical security matters, provided for members, partners and interested people.

Website and video platform

  • Website in German, French and English with Insights on security topics .

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