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Speakers at the FSS Security Talks

The FORUM SECURITY SWITZERLAND would like to thank all the speakers and panelists who contributed to a neutral and cross-interest Swiss security discourse as part of an FSS Security Talk.

(alphabetical, function partly as of occasion)

Johann Alessandroni.png

Johann Alessandroni

Head of Information Security Governance, Excellium Services by Thales Group

Alexandra Arni.jfif

Alexandra Arni

Head of ICT at Swiss Bankers Association and Vice President of the Swiss FS-CSC

Judith Bellaiche.jpg

Judith Bellaïche

Former National Councillor (GLP, ZH)

Peter Beschnidt.jpeg

Peter Beschnidt

Former Military Attaché of the German Embassy in Bern

Stefan Brem (Sch. Quali).jpg

Stefan Brem

Head of Risk Fundamentals and Research Coordination, BABS

Dr. Maya Bundt.jpg

Dr. Maya Bundt

Head Cyber & Digital Strategy,

Swiss Re

Micheline Calmy-Rey.jpg

Micheline Calmy-Rey

Former Federal Councillor; former Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Josef Dittli.jpg

Josef Dittli

Council of States (FDP, Uri); Member of the Security Policy Committee

Prof. Dr. Simon Evenett.jpg

Prof. Dr. Simon Evenett

Professor of International Trade and Economic Development, University of St. Gallen

Flühmann Reto Ulrich neu.jpg

Oberst Reto Ulrich Flühmann

Deputy Chief of Operations Group B, Swiss Army

Dr. Peter Friedli.jpg

Dr. Peter Friedli

Partner, Eraneos Switzerland AG

Franz Grüter.jpg

Franz Grüter

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group; National Councillor (SVP, LU)

Hauser Sandra.jpg

Sandra Hauser

Head Transformation & Technology and  Member of the Management Board, Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Stefan Holenstein.jpg

Dr. Stefan Holenstein

President, Association of Swiss Military Societies (VMG)

Hans-Jürg Käser.jpg

Hans-Jürg Käser

Head of joint security exercise 19 and former president of the KKJPD

Margret Kiener Nellen.jpg

Margret Kiener Nellen

Former National Councillor (SP, BE)

Peter Kummer.jpeg

Peter Kummer


Dr. Matthias Leese.jpg

Dr. Matthias Leese

Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies (CSS)

Loher Urs.png

Chief of Armaments Urs Loher

Director of the Federal Armaments Office armasuisse

Markwader Romain.jpg

Romain Markwalder

Deputy Coordinator OSCE, FDFA

Nicolas Mayencourt.jpg

Nicolas Mayencourt

Founder & Global CEO, Dreamlab Technologies

Dr. Alexander Muhm.jpeg

Dr. Alexander Muhm

Head of Freight Transport and Member of Group Management, SBB

Moritz Oberli.jpg

Moritz Oberli

Co-author of the study “Security in a Connected World” (2019) and Managing Partner, EY

Pulli Pälvi.jpg

Pälvi Pulli

Head of Security Policy, DDPS

Werner Salzmann.jpg

Werner Salzmann

Councillor of States (SVP, BE); Mem-ber of the Security Policy Committee 

Daniel Schlup.jpg

Daniel Schlup

Head of Emergency and Crisis Management, SBB

Florian Schütz.jpg

Florian Schütz

Director of the Federal Office for Cybersecurity

Starlinger Thomas.jpg

Major General Thomas Starlinger

Militarty Representative of Austria to the European Union an NATO

General Jörg Vollmer.jpg

General Jörg Vollmer

General (ret.), Bundeswehr; former Commander of NATO's Allied Joint Forces Command

Paul Winiker.jpg

Paul Winiker

District President, Canton lucerne


Marina Wyss Ross (evtl. mangelnde Quali).JPG

Mariana Wyss Ross

Swiss Mission to the OSCE in Vienna, FDFA

Viola Amherd.jpg

Viola Amherd

Federal Councilor, Head of the DDPS

Claude-France Arnould.jpg

Claude-France Arnould

Former Managing Director European Defense Agency, EDA

Armin Berchtold.jpg

Armin Berchtold

President, Association of Swiss   Security services company (VSSU)

Marianne Binder-Keller.jpg

Marianne Binder-Keller

Councillor of States (Die Mitte, AG); Member of the Security Policy Committee

Dr. Stefan Brupbacher.jpg

Dr. Stefan Brupbacher

Director, Swissmem

Anne-Marie Buzatu.jfif

Anne-Marie Buzatu

Senior Advisor, ICT4Peace Foundation

Rainer Deutschmann.jpg

Rainer Deutschmann

Head of Security & traffic, Migros Cooperative Association


Brigadier Raynald Droz.jpg

Brigadier Raynald Droz

Commander of the Military Police and former Chief of Staff Operations Command, Swiss Army

Flach Beat.jpg

Beat Flach

National Council (GLP, AG), Member of the Political Affairs Committee

Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei.jpg

Prof. Dr. Christopf Frei

Political scientist and professor of international relations, University of St. Gallen

Dr. Katja Gentinetta.jpg

Dr. Katja Gentinetta

Political philosopher, University of Lucerne

Prof. Dr. Allan Guggenbühl.jpg

Prof. Dr. Allan Guggenbühl

Director, Institute for Conflict Management IKM

Hensler Beat.jpg

Beat Hensler

Conference Secretary, Central Switzerland Intergovernmental Conference ZRK

Eva Hürlimann.jpg

Eva Hürlimann

Founder Vivacitas

Roger Keller.jpg

Roger Keller

Regional Manager Aarau, New Aargauer Bank

Klein Generalmajor Georg.jpg

Generalmajor Georg Klein

Head of Operations Department, Armed Forces Base Command, German Bundeswehr

Kuoni Wolfram.jpg

Dr. Wolfram Kuoni

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ferrexpo AG

Martin Leuthold.png

Martin Leuthold

Head of Division „Security & Network“, SWITCH

Dr. Jörg Mäder.jpg

Dr. Jörg Mäder

Freelance programmer and former National Councillor (GLP, ZH)

Hernani Marques.JPG

Hernani Marques

Board member, Chaos Computer Club Switzerland

Werner Meier.jpg

Werner Meier

Former Delegate for national economic supply, BWL

Andreas Münch.jfif

Andreas Münch

Member of the General Directorate, Migros Cooperative Association

Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig.jpeg

Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig

Head of the Institute for Information Security, ETH Zurich

Maja Riniker.jpg

Maja Riniker

National Councillor (FDP, AG); Member of the Security Policy Committee

Dr. Benjamin Scharte.jpg

Dr. Benjamin Scharte

Head of the Risk and Resilience Research Team, Center for Security Studies (CCS), ETH Zurich

Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter.jpeg

Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter

National Councilor (Die Mitte, BL); Member of the Foreign Policy Committee

Generalmajor Jürgen Setzer.jpg

Major General Jürgen Setzer

Deputy Inspector CIR and CISO, Bundeswehr

Thomas Süssli.jpg

Thomas Süssli

Chief of the Army, Swiss Army

Martin von Muralt.jpg

Martin von Muralt

Delegate for the Swiss Security Association

Dominik Winter.jpg

Dominik Winter

Head of Physical Security & Safety, Swisscom

Gerhard Andrey.jpg

Gerhard Andrey

National Councillor (Greens, FR); Member of the Security Policy Committee

Sibel Arslan.jpg

Sibel Arslan

National Councilor (Grüne, BS); Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee

Berni Marcel.png

Dr. Marcel Berni

Lecturer Strategic Studies ad interim, Military Academy (MILAK) at the ETH Zürich 

Roland Borer (2).jpg

Roland Borer

Former National Councillor (SVP, SO)

Jürg Bühler.JPG

Jürg Bühler

Vice Director, Federal Intelligence Service (NDB)

Dr. Ladina Caduff.jpg

Dr. Ladina Caduff

Director Corporate Affairs,  Microsoft Schweiz

Prof. Dr. Oliver Diggelmann.jpg

Prof. Dr. Oliver Diggelmann

Professor of International Law and Constitutional Law, University of Zurich

Dr. Myriam Dunn-Cavelty.jpg

Dr. Myriam Dunn-Cavelty

Senior Lecturer in Security Studies, Center for Security Studies (CCS), ETH Zurich

Oberst Robert Flück.JPG

Oberst i Gst Robert Flück

Project Command Cyber, Swiss Army


Dr. Stefanie-Frey.jpg

Dr. Stefanie Frey

Managing Director Deuter Cyber Security Solutions GmbH,

Member of Advisory Group ENISA

Dr. Thomas Gremiger.jpg

Dr. Thomas Gremiger

Director, Geneva Center for Security Policy

Dr. Hans Häfliger.jpg

Dr. Hans Häfliger

Delegate for national economic supply, BWL

Dr. Wolfgang Herles.jpg

Dr. Wolfgang Herles

Former Head of Political Affairs, ZDF

Jourova Vera.jpg

Vera Jourova

Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency

Hans-Peter Kellerhans.jpg

Hans-Peter Kellerhans

Former division officer and deputy Editor-in-Chief, ASMZ

Krummenacher Dr. Martin (2).jpg

Dr. Martin Krummenacher

KPM doctrine research and development, Swiss Army

David Lanz.jfif

David Lanz

Head of Conflict Mediation Department, swisspeace

Adrian Lobsinger.jpg

Adrian Lobsiger

Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner

Mäder Markus.jpg

State Secretary Markus Mäder

State Secretary for Security Policy

Dr. Adrian Marti.jpg

Dr. Adrian Marti

Partner, Eraneos Switzerland AG

Prof. Dr. Holger Mey.jpg

Prof. Dr. Holger Mey

Vice President Advanced Concepts,  Airbus Defence & Space

Marcus Naef.jpg

Marcus Naef

CEO, Swiss Sign Group


Simon Plüss.png

Simon Plüss

Minister, Deputy Head of Bilateral Economic Relations, SECO

Martine Ruggli.jpg

Martine Ruggli

President, Swiss Pharmacists Association pharmaSuisse

Aldo C. Schellenberg.jpg

KKdt Aldo C. Schellenberg

Founder of Schellenberg Consulting; former Deputy Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces


Tobias Schoch

Chief Security Officer, AXA Switzerland

Laura Soltermann.jfif

Laura Soltermann

Militia officer, Swiss Army

Mauro Tuena.jpg

Mauro Tuena

National Councillor (SVP, ZH); Mem-ber of the Security Policy Committee 

Dr. Armgard von Reden (evtl. mangelhafte Quali).jpg

Dr. Armgard von Reden

Chairman Women in International Security Germany

Thomas Würgler.jpg

Thomas Würgler

Former. Commander at the Zurich Cantonal Police and Partner at Umbruch Lawyers

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