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The Board of the SSF


Hans-Jürg Käser, President

Hans-Jürg Käser studied at the phil. hist. Faculty of the University of Bern. Originally he was a secondary teacher and later rector of the secondary education in Langenthal. Politically, Hans-Jürg Käser was full-time Mayor of Langenthal between 1995 and 2006 and at the same time a member of the FDP parliamentary group in the Grand Council of the Canton of Bern. The last two years of that he was parliamentary group president. From June 2006 to May 2018 he was a member of the government. He served as police and military director and chaired the KKJPD (Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors) from 2012-2018. In military terms, Hans-Jürg Käser was Kdt Uem Abt 45 and later Kdt of the HQ Rgt 2 (Infrastructure Regiment of the Federal Council) from 1996-1999.


Claudia Hollenstein, Vice President

Claudia Hollenstein is a diabetes specialist HF and has been responsible for advising, accompanying and training staff and clients in various clinics since 1993. She has been Head of Health Affairs at the Hirslanden Group since May 2020. Since 2002 she has been working as an independent consultant for people affected by diabetes and companies. Between 2004 and 2011 she was employed at the Hirslanden Clinic, among other things as Head of the Metabolism Center. From 2003 to 2014 Claudia Hollenstein also worked in her own trading company. She has been a councilor in Stäfa since 2012 and head of the civil engineering department since 2014. Among other things, she is a member of the Board Committee of the VZO and a member of the board of f-info. She has also been a Cantonal Councilor in the Canton of Zurich since 2019.


André Duvillard, Delegierter für den SVS

André Duvillard has been the joint federal and cantonal delegate at the Swiss Security Association (SVS) since 2012. He completed his law studies at the University of Neuchâtel. For the International Committee of the Red Cross he worked as a delegate in Iraq, Israel and Lebanon. He was then Secretary of the Security Policy Commission and later Commander of the Cantonal Police in Neuchâtel (2005-2012). In addition, as a militia officer, he led the task force of the military police search and protection with the rank of colonel.


Eva Blesinger, Inhaberin Institut Vivacitas

Eva Hürlimann has been working in various areas of security and prevention since 2001. Gradually it became clear that she was able to bring her potential to bear most successfully in the area of public safety. She worked for Blesinger Sicherheitsdienste GmbH for over 15 years. This in an operational function as well as a co-owner and member of the management.

Due to the success with the efficient, communicative and consistent way of working of the company, which Eva Hürlimann played a key role in developing and shaping, it was obvious to make the knowledge of this methodology available to other professional groups. With this in mind, combined with specific customer inquiries, Eva Hürlimann founded the Vivacitas Institute.
With the Vivacitas Institute, Eva Hürlimann and her team offer advice and training on the topics of violence prevention, conflict communication, de-escalation and robbery management.

Daniel Berger.jpg

Daniel Berger, Brigardier aD

Daniel Berger started his military career as a professional officer with the repair troops after completing his engineering degree. In 1990 he switched to infantry and was subsequently a company instructor, tactics teacher in officers' schools, group leader in general staff courses, foreign student at Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth USA, and from 1999 commander of the territorial infantry schools in Colombier. In 2001, as Colonel i Gst, he was nominated as Chief Operations and Department Head in the former Operations Subgroup of the General Staff. During this time he took part in several domestic and foreign leadership exercises. Brigadier Daniel Berger commanded Panzer Brigade 1 from 2007 to 2013 and was military-political advisor to the head of the VBS from 2014 to 2015. Today he is the director and managing director of two companies and a member of the SVU 19 project team.


Fredy Müller, Managing Director SSF, CEO MUELLER Consulting & Partner

Fredy Müller has been the owner and CEO of the Swiss consulting firm MUELLER Consulting & Partner (MC&P) for political interest representation and public relations for 10 years. From 2007 to 2009 Fredy Müller was CEO and board member of the German public affairs company Concilius Switzerland. Before that, he was a member of the management of Economiesuisse for more than 8 years. From 1991 to 1998 Fredy Müller was head of communications and spokesman for the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) in the Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI).


Fritz Messerli, Präsident GGstOf

Fritz Messerli attended the military command school at the ETH in Zurich from 1992 to 1995. He then worked for 2 years as a career officer in the function of a unit instructor at the grenade school in Isone. From 1999 until 2005 he was a line pilot and cockpit instructor, first with Swissair and then with SWISS. After completing a postgraduate degree in business administration and management, he became Deputy Fleet Chief Airbus at SWISS in 2005. In 2007 he moved to skyguide, where he was Head of Training and Head of Training Center until 2013. From 2012 to 2013 he completed an advanced leadership training and has been Head of Flight Operations at Edelweiss Air AG since 2014. He is a colonel in the general staff in the army command and presides over the GGstOf.


Sabine Sutter-Suter, Grossrätin des Kanton Aargau

Sabine Sutter is a committed politician of the CVP in the Grand Council of the Canton of Aargau. She is President of CVP Women Aargau and is a board member of CVP Women Switzerland and the CVP District Party Lenzburg.
In addition, Sabine Sutter successfully runs her own company IBS Solutions Sutter, which offers IT and marketing services. She is a qualified business IT specialist and has a master's degree in business administration from the HSLU / FHZ.


Matthias Zoller, Generalsekretär Swiss ASD

Matthias Zoller studied law at the Universities of St. Gallen and Basel; is a trained carpenter and has a business eMBA. After many years at Xerox AG - most recently as a member of the executive board responsible for after sales - Matthias Zoller is now Secretary General of SWISS ASD, the aeronautics, security and defense department of the Swissmem industry association. Matthias Zoller was a member of the Basel canton parliament (district administrator) from 1995 to 2006. In the military he is a colonel in the general staff and head of the cantonal territorial liaison staff in Basel-Landschaft.


Bruno Staffelbach, Rektor Universität Luzern

Bruno Staffelbach is a full professor for business administration, he heads the Center for Human Resource Management and is rector of the University of Lucerne. From 2004 to 2008 he was in command of the 4th Infantry Brigade and from 2008 he commanded the 1st Multinational Brigade VIKING. He is a member of the Executive Committee Strategic Leadership Exercise 1997 (SFU 97) and the Strategic Leadership Training 2000 (SFA 2000). Bruno Staffelbach is also President of the MAS Effective Leadership Board of the University of Lucerne and of the Armed Forces Higher Cadre Training. He is also a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

aus internet (uni ge).jpg

Alexandre Vautravers, Associate Fellow University of Geneva

Alexandre Vautravers a créé et coordonne le nouveau program de CAS / MAS en Sécurité global et résolution des conflits à l'Université de Genève. Professeur associé, il a enseigné dans plusieurs universités à Accrah, Beijing, Londres, Oxford ou Téhéran. Ses domaines de recherche et de publication sont les relations internationales et les questions de sécurité, l'évolution des conflits armés, l'évolution de la technologie et l'industrie d'armement. Il organize ainsi plusieurs conférences annuelles - notamment le SECURITY FORUM dont la dernière édition (2018) a eu pour thème la simulation.
M. Vautravers est également chargé de mission aux questions stratégiques au sein du Département de la Sécurité (DS) de la République et du canton de Genève.
Colonel d'état-major général et commandant en second de la brigade mécanisée 1, il est également rédacteur en chef de la Revue militaire suisse (RMS +) depuis la célébration de son 150e anniversaire de publication ininterrompue, en 2006.

Fritz Gantert

Fritz Gantert, Präsident STA / Vorstand Swissmem

Dr. Fritz Gantert is an entrepreneur and an independent board member. He has presided over the Swiss Society for Technology & Army (STA) for years, is president of the Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo and a member of the board of Swissmem.

19-04-07-FSS-Comité-Photo JLP.jpg

Jean-Luc Piller, Communication Advisor

Jean-Luc Piller is now an independent communications consultant and heads His professional career took him as a journalist from the editorial office of the Fribourg daily newspaper "La Liberté" to the DDPS, where he was Head of Communications and Spokesperson for the Army as well as Chief of Audit on the Staff of the Chief of the Armed Forces between 1993 and 2013, before taking on the role of Communications Advisor to the Savatan Police Academy between March 2013 and October 2022.  He is a regular contributor to the magazine "Notre Armée de Milice" (Our Militia Army). Since its creation in 2007, he has been at the heart of the "Forum_Sécurité_Chablais": this panel, which he chaired between 2010 and 2022, brings together every November a panel of personalities from Switzerland and abroad on current security issues. He is a colonel in the mountain infantry and was, among other things, commander of Infantry Regiment 88.

Olivier Ribaux_fphoto.png

Olivier Ribaux, École des Sciences Criminelles de l’Université de Lausanne

Olivier Ribaux is directeur of the School of Criminal Sciences of the University of Lausanne and Vice-Doyen of the Faculty of Crime, Criminal Sciences and Public Administration. Avant d'occuper this position, il a mené une double career en tant qu'analyste criminalelle pour les polices de la Suisse Romande, et comme chercheur et professor à l'Université de Lausanne.

Il s'interesse en general à l'action de sécurité, plus particulièrement à l'analyse de la délinquance sérielle et à ses développements numériques. Il a contribué depuis ses debuts au development du dispositif opérationnel d'analyse des crimes répétitifs mis en oeuvre par les polices romandes.


Pascal Lüthi, Commandant Police Neuchâteloise

Né en Valais en 1968, marié et père de 2 enfants, Pascal Lüthi a suivi a formation scientifique d'ingénieur physicien de l'Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne suivie d'un doctorat ès sciences au Center Universitaire Informatique de Genève. Il entre en 1997 au Service de Renseignement Stratégique comme analyste dans le domaine de la proliferation d'armes de destruction massive et poursuit sa career à Berne dans la communauté du renseignement de la Confédération jusqu'en 2003. From 2003 to 2007 il dirige la sécurité du groupe Syngenta International AG à Bâle. C'est en 2007 qu'il rejoint la Police cantonale neuchâteloise en tant qu'officier de police judiciaire et adjoint du commandant avant d'en reprendre le commandement des 2012. Actif au be de la Conference des commandants des polices cantonales de Suisse, il siège notamment au Committee de program de HIP - Harmonization de l'informatique Policière Suisse.

aus Internet (Blick).jpg

Stefan Holenstein, Präsident VMG/ASM

Stefan Holenstein holds a doctorate in law and attorney; he holds an EMBA from the University of Zurich. He worked in a variety of leadership and management positions in the private sector. Today he is an entrepreneur, partner and vice-chairman of the board of directors of aim ad interim management ag in Zurich. Since March 12, 2016, he has been President of the Swiss Officers' Society (SOG). Over the past 25 years he has exercised numerous militia functions in society and the army and is considered an expert on Swiss security and military policy. As a militia officer and Colonel i Gst, he is assigned to the staff of the higher cadre training of the army (HKA). Meanwhile, he serves as President of the Association of Swiss Military Societies (VMG/ASM).


Roland Borer, Unternehmer und alt-Nationalrat

Roland F. Borer has been CEO and co-owner of Bosec Consulting GmbH, based in Kestenholz, since 1992. Before that, he worked as a sales engineer for a large company and then as a professional officer for 12 years.
From 1991 to 2015 he also sat in the Federal Parliament as a National Councilor. He was a member of the Security Commission throughout the period.


Paul Röthlisberger, Vice President SSV

Paul Röthlisberger is Vice-President of the Swiss Shooting Association, one of the largest sports associations in Switzerland with over 130,000 members. The Swiss Rifle Club was founded in 1824 and made a significant contribution to founding modern Switzerland in 1848.
Röthlisberger values the fact that the shooters are not “just” athletes, but see themselves as citizens who support the state.
During his career, the federally certified sales manager with a Bachelor in Business Administration was the managing director of various national and international companies in the near food and food sector.

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